1/13- Winter long range updates

Just wanted to illustrate what I'm seeing go forward into the end of January. As I know, most of you are snow starved, BUT, if things continue looking the way they do, you'll get your fill and then some!

I'm not going to waste too much time just yet, but video forecasts will most likely start becoming normal as we get into the middle of this week.

First off I'm watching a small storm that may affect the region this Friday Morning. This could be the appetizer to what the next few weeks bring. This could end up being a 1-3"/2-4" style event.

At this point, Saturday is looking dry, but as we head into Saturday night, a very potent storm system looks to makes away from the gulf of mexico, now exact details are a few days out, but this has the chance to be the "big one", but on the same token, it could the "transition storm" which leads us into the new pattern. I have posted the precipitation forecasts from the GFS and EURO. I wont bore you with snow maps because they will change 1,000 times between now and Sunday, and I prefer not to start a milk and bread shortage at this time.

The pattern change is finally coming, teleconnections are RIPE for a big storm, or two or three ;)

Going forward from here, its going to get bone chilling cold, cold unlike what've seen in years if modeled correctly. Talking daytime highs in the single digits.

That's all I have for now, rest up, because winter is coming to town...


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