2018-19 LVWA Winter Outlook!!

Good Evening Folks, for the first time in almost 10 years I have released a Winter Outlook. I have had just too many requests to deny you anymore.

I am expecting the winter season as whole, to be more snowy than usual. with below average temperatures in January and February. We are expected to head into a mild "El Niño" winter. Basically what that means is the water temperatures will be above normal in the pacific ocean, this has an effect on wind direction which correlates to storm tracks and moisture transport affecting the east coast.

The winters from 2015-2018 were "La Nina" winters, which, aside from the January 2016 Blizzard, is in part why the area saw overall normal or slightly below average snowfall.

As we all know, 2018 has been a VERY MOIST year, in fact, 20"+ above normal in rainfall! A trend that just has not let up, and I fully expect that to continue right into winter. I am watching a barrage of storms in the pipeline, right now most look wet, because god knows we need some more rain, its like the Sahara out there. However, A standout period to watch is November 30th to December 15th, due to the BSR/EAR... Bering Sea Rule/East Asia Rule... in layman terms, roughly 15-20 days after a weather pattern affects the Bering Sea region, it will be repeated in the eastern united states.

I am forecasting 40-53" total snowfall at LVIA this year. or 125%-165% above normal (Normal Average 32") with numerous coastal storms, and at least one "Big Storm (12"+).

The I-95 corridor will be a battleground area that will battle the mixing zone. More of a traditional winter you could say.

I invite you to check out where you fill find some useful information, as well as TEXT ALERTS sent directly to your phone!!! #supportweathermen


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