2nd Call Weekend Storm!! 2nd Call Map!


Good Evening,

Lots of info to take in here folks, bear with me. A very busy map as you can, a lot going on.

We are looking at a moisture rich storm making its way from our southwest Saturday. Heavy snow will be making its way into the skies by dinner time Saturday (3-5PM) Snow will THUMP for a couple hours, 1-2"/hr

This will be a tough storm, we all know when there are many variables at play and multiple precipitation types, things get a little haywire. Be prepared to see weather forecasts that differ greatly. These storms require forecasting experience and personal opinions as to what will happen.

The Lehigh Valley will be looking at 6-10" with .25" ice or more expected! Now come Sunday morning, precipitation will most likely change to plain rain, but will need to be monitored closely as models are still in disagreement. The concern will then become the amount of weight on trees and power lines. Combinations of heavy snow, rain, wind gusts into the 40 mph range, and temps crashing into the single digits by Sunday evening will pose some serious issues!

Please note the State of emergency is not a shelter in place order. Life goes on as usual, speed limits and truck restrictions will go in place on all major highways and interstates starting tomorrow. This also allows for extra resources and funding for storm related costs.

Also, lets welcome Morgan, who will be helping answer question and posting updates during this storm, and future storms!

Text Alerts sent to your phone 👉🏼

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