Monday Night/Tuesday Storm UPDATES


Second Call Forecast for Monday Night-Tuesday Night

Good afternoon!

Please note there are THREE maps!! Snow, Sleet, and Freezing Rain accumulation maps!!!!

We are busy tracking the latest developments going into our next significant storm, Monday Night into Late Tuesday Night. This forecast could become very tricky and confusing fast, so please bear with me.

We will be dealing with a plethora of precipitation types, and a good deal of liquid. This is likely to be a fluid situation, with changes very well possible in the next 24 hours. Normally, these types of storms are a real pain to forecast. You have 4 types of precipitation within a 12 hour period and trying to time them perfectly is a crap shoot.

Latest modeling is indicating temps staying below freezing until late Tuesday night, I'm waiting for at least one more model suite before I can pinpoint if this becomes a trend.

This storm will feature CAD (Cold Air Damming) which basically means cold air gets trapped in the valleys and is hard to scour out. This is how the Lehigh Valley generally gets ice storms.

Timing is ROUGHLY laid out like this.

Snow: 9PM Mon - 8AM Tues

Sleet: 8AM Tues - 3PM Tues

Freezing Rain: 3PM Tues - 8PM Tues

Rain Showers: 8PM Tues - 2AM Wed

Any slight variation in these timings will correlate with the forecasted amounts of snow, ice, and sleet.

Look for updates in the COMMENTS thread of this post over the next 12-18 hours, with a full update early Monday Morning.

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